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FAQ: Financial, Fundraising, & Contributor Questions
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What is your Federal Tax ID Number?

Tax ID# 91-1298249

Does OPERATION LOOKOUT® receive city, state, and/or government funds for financial support?

No. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which does not receive government support of any kind.

How does OPERATION LOOKOUT® continue to provide FREE services to families of missing children?

We rely solely on funding from the generosity of individual and corporate donations, fund-raising events, promotions, and in-kind support of services and products. Donations made to OPERATION LOOKOUT® are fully tax-deductible, as applicable by law. Net funds are devoted to providing FREE child search services to families of missing children.

When the Founders are asked what keeps them going, they reply, it is the 'good-heart' of many dedicated and caring people who, like themselves, believe that no child deserves to be left alone and abandoned by society; so they do something, whatever can be done, to find a child.

What is your annual budget?

Our most current 990 Report in Adobe .PDF format, Financial Statements in Adobe .PDF format can be found here, and our Pie Chart is located here.

A telemarketer contacted me and the name they said sounded like yours, do you use different names?

Yes. The full legal name of the organization is OPERATION LOOKOUT® National Center for Missing Youth. We also use the following dba trade names in the course of our operation; The Missing Kids Center - OPERATION LOOKOUT®, OPERATION LOOKOUT® - The Center for Missing Kids, and The Foundation for Missing Children®

How much of my donation goes to child search and recovery when I give over the phone instead of directly?

To learn about how your contribution is divided and used, read more here.


Please read our rebuttal.

I want to help but can't afford to financially, are there other ways I can help?

Yes. You can help in many different ways. OPERATION LOOKOUT® needs your time, talent, and treasure. WE can utilize donated goods, services, and funds. For a growing list, see menu titled "Are You Involved?"

What kind of jobs are available for volunteers and interns?

Volunteers and interns may include people who help with special events or projects. Depending on the level of experience, other duties available may include mass mailings, clerical work, data entry, website design or in-house publications, office assistance or casework. Professionals can assist in their field of expertise from their office or ours, according to the need. Download a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION here.

Have You Seen Me?

Wireless phones, phone service, Internet service, credit cards, DIRECTV, and more – you may spend less and give so much more. Every time you buy an Affinity4 product or service, they give back 10% of the proceeds to OPERATION LOOKOUT®. Call 1-800-800-7550 & use code #20223 to Giveback and start saving today! To learn more about how this program works, visit Affinity4 or read here.

National Center for Missing Youth
uses dba trade names:
  • The Missing Kids Center -
    The Center For Missing Kids®
  • The Foundation for
    Missing Children®
IRS 501(c)(3) Federal ID# 91-1298249
Together, we are touching another million HEARTS for missing kids
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