After a massive one month search for the killer of ten-year-old Holly
Jones in a Co-op neighborhood in Canada, Michael Briere was charged with
first-degree murder. Briere was described as a 35-year-old software

Holly was walking home from a friend’s house, when she was abducted. Two
days later she was found dead in Lake Ontario.

Police arrested Briere at a home on Bloor Street West, halfway between
Holly’s house and the friend house she was visiting.

During a news conference, Chief Police Julian Fantino said, ”While a
trail of evidence led investigators to the accused, I emphasize this
particular investigation is far from over.”

Within weeks of Holly’s murder, two other child abduction attempts were
made in the same neighborhood. Fantino, however, said the Briere not a
suspect in these other crimes, which police said was described by
witnesses as a man 40-50 years old with grey hair, a mole on the left
side of his nose and a mustache and goatee.

Consequently, residents of this neighborhood were strongly warned that
Briere’s arrest should not cause a sense of safety and security. Fantino
said, ”This is not a time to let our guard down.”

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