Missing Girl Found

Kara Fullmer

A child who’s been missing from Beaumont, Mississippi for more than two
months was found in Topeka Wednesday. Police say 2-year old Gwyneth Van
Vleck had been abducted by her father Simon Van Vleck back in October.

There was not an Amber Alert issued. Police say Simon Van Vleck took off
with Gwyneth after he lost custody of her in a court battle with the
child’s mother. Something the Amber Alert doesn’t cover.

“There are a lot of parental abductions going on. People are pretty
unhappy going through divorces and custody battles and sometimes they
make bad choices,” says KBI spokesperson Kyle Smith.

Still when police found 2-year old Gwyneth Van Vleck living with her
father in an apartment behind the home at 905 NW Taylor in Topeka, the
landlord who rented Van Vleck the apartment says he was surprised he’d
never seen an Amber Alert.

“We look at Amber Alert and think that would be great in a robbery, or a
parental abduction. We have a description of the car or the suspect and
we could get the public to help us look, but that’s what Crimestoppers
does,” says Smith.

Perry County, Mississippi officials did post a different kind of alert to
track down Gwyneth and her dad. They put pictures on the website for
missing children and exploited children at www.missingkids.com.

They say this, along with a tip from the public helped find the little
“It’s not as easy as it seems to disappear,” says Smith, “We have a good
description of the suspect in these cases, we know the family and
friends. These cases are usually solved fairly quickly.”

Police arrested Simon Van Vleck and took him to Shawnee County Jail.

Gwyneth Van Vleck is staying in state custody at juvenile intake.

Officers say the mother is on her way up to Kansas to pick up her little

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