Missing children recovered in Louisiana

By First Coast News Staff

JACKSONVILLE, FL — The mystery of two missing children that had the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI looking for help on the First Coast
is over.

Ovila Gallant-Cyr, 8, and his 11-year-old brother, Sage Gallant-Cyr, have
been recovered in Louisiana.

They are now in the custody of child protection services.

Their mother, Nicole Gallant, is on her way to pick them up and bring
them home to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Their father, Rene Cyr, is in jail in Lafayette, La. He is charged with
abduction in contravention of a custody order.

This ordeal began last December. Mr. Cyr picked up his children to take
them snowmobiling. He didn’t come back. Their mother notified the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police immediately.

Canadian investigators turned to the FBI for assistance, knowing that Cyr
crossed the border into Maine. The FBI believed Cyr switched cars in St.
Augustine sometime in early January.

The break in the case came about a week ago. A woman met Mr. Cyr at a bar
in Lafayette.

“He wanted to get into a business venture with this woman. He suggested
she should see his site on the internet,” said Corporal Terry Kennedy,
with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

She looked his name up on the internet, only to find out that he had been
wanted out of Canada.

The woman alerted police.

Police arrested Cyr Wednesday at a campsite in a rural area just outside
of Lafayette, where investigators say he had been living in a tent with
his two sons.

“They’re fine, everybody’s fine,” said Kennedy

Nicole Gallant is expected to be reunited with her children Thursday

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