Davenport Man Charged With Enticing A Minor

By Courtney Brennan

Davenport, Iowa – Davenport police arrested a man for child pornography.
They say he has thousands of pictures of young children.

Police say they found Donald Colbert Jr. pushing a five-year-old girl on
a swing at Vanderveer Park and telling her about all the children’s’
movies at his house.

Police caught up with Colbert at his apartment on East Locust Street
later that day.

Neighbor Gary Dumeraut got upset when we told him why the police cars
where there.

“I had my godson and his four boys living here with my daughter and her
son and to have stuff like this in this neighborhood just isn’t right.”

Police say some of the pornographic pictures found at Colbert’s apartment
were taken there. Police also say they found handcuffs, a digital camera
and a police scanner in Colbert’s car.

“I’ve seen him a lot drive up and down the alley here. Matter of fact,
when the boys came over a lot of times, he drives down the alley and
rides his brake as he’s going by.”

Colbert’s case is now in the hands of the U.S. attorney in Des Moines.
Grandmother Katie King hopes Colbert won’t be returning to Vanderveer

“Well, everybody has to be on the lookout anymore. Could be your next
door neighbor, anybody could grab your kids”.

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