Testimonial: Steven

“I called and reported (my daughter) has been found. I spoke to her caseworker today and informed her of the facts. I was looking at the site tonite and wanted to see a posting shes been found. I thought I would give OPERATION LOOKOUT my deepest thank you for all the help you have been these rough 14 months past. God is the answer!

I prayed everynight and GOD answered my prayers. I hope that other familys have the luck I have been given and their children are returned to them safely. Thank god there are organizations like yours to help the people in distress and in need as you have helped me.

There are no words that I can say or express to show you my thanks.

Im off work due to an injury but when I return I promise to send money to you to help others in need as you have helped my family to re unite and share the love and kindness as you have shown us.

Again, THANK YOU with all my heart!”

Sincerely, Steven