Testimonial: Leann

My daughter (name withheld) is doing well she has started school and has moved on passed that jerk,we have learned to compromise and I would love to say it was easy but it was worth getting her back.

I have found out tons when she got home,I’m proud that I raised a daughter that was strong enough to stand up for what she wanted but disappointed on how she chose to show it.

I have that Guy writing mean letters to her Detective decided not to place any charges and he still calls and e-mails my daughter on a daily bases he (name withheld) has been talking with her since she was 12 and was flying down here on a weekly bases to see her,so we sit waiting for his next move.

I would love to move on but he will not allow it at this time.

I know I have hit home with my daughter, she knows I love her and I will do everything it takes to keep her on the right track.

I don’t know how to thank you but with out all of your help I wouldn’t have made it. I get worked up and you were able to calm me down and get me focused again (Impressive).

I hope this Organization is able to stay up and running for families like mine. Thank you again