Testimonial: Danyel

As you all know, in 2007 Sarah went missing and was gone for 53 days.

Here is an update: Sarah went back to school and carried straight As through her senior year, made a 24 on her ACT exam, interviewed at the Art Institute [name withheld], was accepted to [a different] Art Institute, she received somewhere in the neighborhood of $45K for college and has decided to attend [a] University for a fine arts degree with aspirations of being an art teacher. Thank you all!

Sarah no longer dates the boy that she went missing with and her current boyfriend is a nice young man that is respectful of the family and Sarah. Both Sarah and her boyfriend graduated May 2009 and will attend the same college.

Our family thanks all of your for all of the hard work you put out in helping us get Sarah back. I wanted you all to know that it has turned out to be a success story. We will keep praying for those families out there who have missing children and pray that they have a success story to share very soon.