Human Trafficking Conference To Raise Awareness

Experts: State Needs Laws To Track, Prosecute Offenders

June 19, 2006

COLUMBUS, Ohio — From sex slavery to sweatshops, the issue of human
trafficking is increasing in Central Ohio. This week, local law
enforcement officers and others will be addressing the issue, NBC 4′s
Erin Tate reported.

The first statewide conference on human trafficking is scheduled for

The conference is aimed at raising awareness about Ohio as a possible
gateway to forced labor and sexual exploitation.

Internationally, officials said it is estimated that as many as 900,000
people are trafficked every year.

“Part of the reason for this conference is to raise awareness and to see
how much, if any, this is a problem in Ohio,” said Executive Director
Karhlton Moore of the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.

There are few statistics on trafficking in Ohio because, experts said, it
is underground, growing and hard to control. Experts also said the state
lacks laws to identify, track and prosecute human traffickers.

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