Three new T.O. mothers thwart abduction attempt

Apr. 29 2006 News Staff

Three new mothers faced every parent’s worst nightmare when two women
allegedly tried to abduct a baby right before their eyes.

The mothers were with their newborns in a room at Toronto’s Humber River
Regional Hospital on Saturday. Two women came in, claiming to be hospital
volunteers, and said they could teach the new moms how to breastfeed.

But their behaviour caught the attention of one mother. She thought the
women were acting suspiciously, and was quickly proven right.

“At one point another mother in the room went to the washroom facilities.
At this time they took possession of that mother’s child,” police Sgt.
Tim Oberfrank said.

“The original mother who … spoke to them became concerned and said she
was going to call hospital staff as they attempted to leave with that
Instead of leaving with the infant, they put the baby in a crib and fled
the hospital.

Quick thinking by hospital security staff led police to the suspects by
1:30 p.m. After viewing surveillance camera videotapes, a security guard
recognized one of the women from a previous unrelated incident.

The two women were arrested by police at a nearby home, approximately
three hours after the alleged incident occurred.

Mothers entering the hospital on Saturday told CTV News that the security
breach is a big concern to them.

“It makes me feel bad because I personally have a son myself and it
almost feels like you don’t feel security,” one mother told CTV Toronto.
“Like just anybody can walk in and take your child.”

Police say this could have been a disastrous situation had it not been
for an alert new mom.

Investigators charged Amanda Sukhdeo, 18, and Giovanna Saladino, 19, with
abduction. They are scheduled to appear in court on Sunday morning.

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