Missing girls found in Wyoming

By Kassie Korich
Dec 23 2005

It has been two months since Silverdale runaways Megan Lee and Savannah
Everett were last seen in front of Central Kitsap Junior High School,
getting into the truck of a 19-year-old acquaintance.

According to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, the two 14-year-olds
have been located in New Castle, Wyo. in the company of Joel Osborn and
his friend Michael Adams, who they were last seen with on Oct. 24.

“(The teens) are expected to be returned,” said Deputy Scott Wilson,
spokesman for the Sheriff’s office. “One or both of the moms have gone to

Both Kim Boscola, Lee’s mother, and Jaana Hollis, Everett’s mother,
became worried when their daughters didn’t return home after school.

“She didn’t take anything, not even a toothbrush. Nothing led me to
believe she was going to run away,” Boscola said in an interview last
month, soon after the girls didn’t return home.

The local police department in New Castle was apparently tipped off and
when police ran the teens’ names they discovered them in a database.
Their entries had been placed into both the Washington State Crime
Information Center (WACIC) and the National Crime Information Center

Boscola also had contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children
as well as the Polly Klass Foundation.

Although it is not illegal for a juvenile to run away from home, the
Sheriff’s office made continuous attempts to not only locate the teens,
but also the adult men they were last seen with.

The Sheriff’s office is continuing its investigation.

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