Holiday reunion

By Tonya McKiever Staff Writer
December 18, 2005

BELLA VISTA ‹ Her heart hadn¹t stopped aching for her him, but Tosha
Blevins believed that she would never again lay eyes on her son. At
least, she believed that until just a few weeks ago.

Blevins, of Bella Vista, said her son, Stephen Kao, was kidnapped just
before Christmas 13 years ago. “His dad and I were divorced and had joint
custody of Stephen,” Blevins explained. “Around this time of year in 1992
when Stephen was a year old, his dad took him and never returned. I¹ve
looked so long and so hard that I just knew I would never find him after
all this time.”

Utilizing every resource she was aware of, including police departments
and Internet search sites, Blevins said her search was hampered by the
frequent moves Stephen¹s dad made. Another problem was searching for a
juvenile ‹ always more difficult than trying to find an adult.

Blevins received a phone call Dec. 2. The caller, David Henson, was
calling from Douglasville, Ga. He told Blevins he had been trying to find
her for four years. “I have your son, Stephen,” Henson said. “He¹s been
living with us for the last four years. My wife is Stephen¹s dad¹s
sister. Your son came to live with us after his dad died four years ago.”

Blevins said it took a while to comprehend what the caller was saying.
She felt as if her heart might pound out of her chest. After 13 years,
she knew where Stephen was. She left the next day for Georgia. “I have
the best husband in the world now,” Blevins said. “The minute I let him
know what was going on, he said, œ Well, let¹s go get Stephen. ¹”

Tosha Blevins spent a little over a week in Douglasville, Ga., with
Stephen and the family members who took him in after his dad¹s death.
Tragically, Stephen¹s dad committed suicide four years ago.

Stephen, 14, has been through far more heartache and loss than most
people ever experience. He and his mom have time now to get to know each
other. Blevins said she knows there will be an adjustment period, but
nothing could be better than having Stephen back with her.

Blevins and her husband, Jesse Blevins, have been married 10 years. They
have a four-year-old son who seems delighted to have his big brother,
Stephen, around.

From records they found in Stephen¹s babybook, put together by his mom,
the family in Georgia was finally able to locate Blevins in Arkansas. The
kidnapping 13 years ago took place in San Antonio, Texas.
Because Stephen was just a baby at the time, he knew nothing about it. He
doesn¹t remember his mother. But she remembered him. “She nearly hugged
me to death,” Stephen said about seeing her the first time in Georgia. “I
thought she wasn¹t ever going to let go. And I was glad to see her, too.

” I never asked my dad about her, “Stephen said.” I don¹t know. I just
didn¹t. Then last year, I started wondering about her. I wondered a lot.
I¹m glad to be here with my mom. I¹ve just been in Arkansas a week now
but I think I¹m going to like it. “I¹ll start school after the holidays.
I¹ll be going to Lincoln Junior High School. I like karate, baseball,
skateboarding, mountain climbing and caving and, of course, I like video

The reunited mother and child are especially looking forward to Christmas
this year. Hoping plenty of extended family members can join them, it
will be a holiday neither will forget. Smiling, Stephen described being
with his mom in just three words: “It¹s a miracle.”

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