Code Adam: Store System Helps Prevent Child Abductions

Eau Claire
Dec 7, 2005

A JC Penney employee demonstrates a Code Adam.

A new child safety system is put to the test this holiday shopping
season.  Employees at JC Penney are on high alert, ready to prevent child
abductions.  The system is called Code Adam.

Store Manager Ted Oeffler says most of the store’s Code Adams are for
kids who become separated from their parents.  “We’ve had one or two a
week so far this holiday season where we’ve actually had to make a Code
Adam over our public announcement system,” says Oeffler.

Customers can talk to any associate, who then alerts two teams of
employees.  One team watches all the store entrances and exits while
another looks for the child.  Store managers say typically, they find the
child a few minutes later.

Parents say they think the system is a good idea. “I feel really safe
that way, shopping with the kids,” says Yaim Klatt from Eau Claire.

JC Penney also works closely with Oakwood Mall security and its Amber
Alert system.

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