77-Year-Old Arrested on Kidnap and Sex Charge

By Megan O’Rourke

A 77-year-old Fairborn man is behind bars after police said he kidnapped
and had inappropriate contact with a minor.

“Man, I can’t believe this. I’m surprised! That’ll knock the socks off
‘ya,” was the reaction of neighbor Wesley Sanford.

Arthur Crigger’s neighbors are in shock after Crigger was picked up by
Fairborn police Monday morning. Crigger is charged with kidnapping and
gross sexual imposition after police said he lured a 12-year-old neighbor
girl into his home and forced sexual contact.

“The events that lead up to the indictments began on October 23rd, in
which Mr. Crigger was alleged to have had sexual contact with a minor,”
said Fairborn police Sgt. Mark Stannard.
Police said the child was able to get away without physical injury and
reported the contact to an adult.

“This is a big reminder that parents need to remind their children that
they should be particularly careful about who they associate with. A
friendly person does not mean that’s a safe person,” warned Sgt. Stannard.

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