Attempted Abductions Reported In Denver, Thornton

November 11, 2005

DENVER — Residents of a Denver neighborhood are meeting with police to
see what they could do after a string of attempted abductions in the last
few weeks.

The latest attempted abduction occurred Thursday morning near Edison
Elementary at 3350 Quitman Street. This is the fifth attempted abduction
in the Denver school district since school began.

In the latest case, police say two men in a green Jeep Cherokee were
following a 9-year-old boy walking to school at 35th and Tennyson.

“A little boy was walking to school, and not paying much attention about
the surroundings … A parent was following the car and realized that the
car door was open, which alerted her that something wasn’t right,” said
Edison Elementary School Principal Ann Christy. “He stopped in the middle
of the street. The passenger started to get out, to go grab the child.”

Police say that’s when the woman got out of her car, walked up to the
Jeep and pounded on the driver’s window. The two men in the Jeep drove

The fourth-grade boy was not hurt.

Parents met Thursday night at Horace Mann Middle School, where four of
the five attempted abductions took place.

They wanted to learn from police about what they could do to keep their
neighborhood safer.

“I remember when I was little, just going down the street to the park
with the dog. And my mom let my sister and I walk alone. And I think
about that now,” said Nancy Williams, whose three boys attend Edison

“You gotta be careful with a child nowadays. There’s so many crazy people
out there that you just don’t know,” grandparent Joseph Herrera said.

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