Sex Offender Arrested After Being Found With Teen

Kevin Justus
WTVQ, Action News 36
Oct 25, 2005

A registered sex offender is behind bars this afternoon after being found
near the Kentucky River with a 15-year old girl.

Police arrested James Winburn last night around 5 pm.

That’s when police say they found him by the river, in a tent with a 15
year-old girl

That is a crime that violates his probation.

After police received a tip on their crime stoppers hot line, they found
Winburn and the 15 year old outside county lines camping.

Police say the pair had been there for quite some time.

Winburn is charged with a sex offender act since the girl was a runaway.

He’s charged with custodial interference since her parents had asked him
to stay away from her

He’s also has an outstanding warrant for possession of a forged
instrument and failing to appear for a probation violation hearing.

Finally Winburn also violated the terms of Megan’s Law by failing to
notify officials of his change of address.

Oddly enough, Winburn simply being caught with a minor does not violate
the conditions of Megan’s Law.

We’ll have more details as to why and how it frustrates our sheriff’s
department coming up tonight at 5.

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