Abduction Thwarted

By Jerry Schanke

An attempt by a masked intruder to abduct two 10-year-old twin girls from
their Vienna home shortly after midnight Sunday, Oct. 2, may prove to be
as ironic as it was unnerving, resulting in the arrest later the same day
of the girls’ martial arts instructor, Andrew M. Jacobs, 42, of the 1100
block of Ware Street S.W. in Vienna.

Jacobs, an instructor at Mountain Kim Martial Arts on Dominion Road in
Vienna, was arrested Sunday evening, based largely on information
resulting from the family’s highly physical response to the home
invasion. According to Capt. Mike Miller, acting chief of the Vienna
Police Department, an intruder dressed in black and wearing a ski mask
entered the family’s home in the 1000 block of Moorefield Hill Grove in
the Town of Vienna sometime shortly after midnight Sunday morning.

Appearing first in the twin girls’ second-floor bedroom, the intruder
allegedly attempted to abduct the girls. At that point, he may have been
injured when the girls defended themselves, using their martial arts
training in striking back at their would-be abductor. Sounds of the
struggle alerted their parents, who led them in driving the attacker down
the stairs and out an open basement-level door.

Police said that, as a result of the struggle, “the mother and father
were able to supply investigators with descriptive information, to
include voice and physical information on the attacker.”

Vienna police were quick to pick up on the irony, noting in a statement,
“It is ironic that the children responded to the attack in the manner in
which they were instructed by the suspect during their lessons. This
response by the children is what alerted the parents to the intruder.”

Miller said Vienna police were assisted by Fairfax County police who
dispatched a helicopter and canine unit to the scene shortly after Vienna
police received a 911 call of a burglary in progress.

Jacobs was picked up by Vienna police Sunday afternoon, interviewed and
taken to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged
with burglary, two counts of abduction and four counts of assault. He was
arraigned Monday morning and is being held without bond.

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Tony Shobe said Jacobs’
next court date is Nov. 4.

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