Nephew turns in fugitive uncle

Texas man accused of killing stepson, kidnapping his wife

By Fernando Quintero, Rocky Mountain News
September 30, 2005

The nephew of a Texas man accused of killing his stepson and kidnapping
his wife turned him in to Aurora police Wednesday because he said he
feared for his family’s safety.

A SWAT team and FBI agents arrested Brian Montez Booker, who grew up in
Denver, early Thursday morning after receiving the tip from Booker’s
nephew, Mark Jordan.

Jordan told police that Booker, 37, was at his home in the 3000 block of
Zion Street in Aurora.

Booker’s stepson, 14-year-old Joshua Henry, had been the focus of a
nationwide Amber Alert before he was found dead Tuesday evening in a
rural area near Lancaster, Texas, according to authorities.

After Booker pulled his stepson from school in Lancaster, police said he
kidnapped his wife from her Dallas workplace and headed to Colorado.

Booker, who attended East High School, still has several family members

Booker arrived at Jordan’s home, which he shares with his wife and a
roommate, Wednesday evening with his wife, Yolanda Vanessa Booker.

“He told me he was in town visiting, and that he needed to talk to me,”
said Jordan. “He told me that he had been accused of kidnapping his wife,
and that there had been an Amber Alert on her.

“I wondered why there would be an Amber Alert on a 37-year-old woman and
I became suspicious.”

Later, Jordan said he received a call from his aunt saying that Joshua
Henry had been found dead and that Booker was wanted in connection with
the boy’s death.

“I confronted Montez. He said the kid was a troublemaker, but that he
didn’t kill nobody,” said Jordan. “He then started talking about suicide.
He said before he went to the penitentiary, he’d rather be killed.”

Jordan, who said he noticed that Booker was armed, then suggested that
the two of them go out for a drink. He said they drove to a nearby liquor
store. While Booker waited in his truck, Jordan asked the clerk to call

They returned to Jordan’s home. After a half an hour had gone by and
police failed to show, Jordan said he was going to walk his dog and
called police a second time from his cell phone.

“The police told me not to return home,” he said. “My wife was still in
the house with my uncle, and I was afraid for her and for my uncle. I
called my wife and told her I twisted my ankle while I was walking the
dog and to come get me, so I could get her out of the house.”

Soon afterward, police surrounded Jordan’s home and eventually entered.
They confronted Booker, who was subdued with a Taser gun after he
reportedly resisted arrest.

Yolanda Booker was escorted back to Texas Thursday. Her husband appeared
before a federal magistrate judge and was expected to be extradited to
Texas later in the day.

Byron Finnie, Booker’s brother, said he was surprised at the allegations
against his brother, the youngest of four children, because he had worked
as an armed guard.

“It’s surprising to our whole family,” said Finnie. “This is not his

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