REVERSE 911® Patented Technology Leading Community Emergency Notification Throughout West Coast

Community emergency alert systems will be installed in major California
and Washington cities this Fall.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 16, 2005 — REVERSE 911®, a leading
developer of community emergency notification systems,
(Link:, announced today the initial award of
seven new customer contracts along the West Coast. This announcement
paves the way for additional West Coast municipalities to take advantage
of the patented technology of REVERSE 911®.

The seven new REVERSE 911® customers include Seattle, WA; Santa Barbara
County, CA; Sacramento, CA; Sacramento County, CA; Amador County, CA; San
Diego County, CA; and Long Beach, CA. Installation and training of the
individual systems has already begun, with all scheduled to be installed
and operational by Fall of 2005.

“Once again, these new customers are taking advantage of the patented
technology that is REVERSE 911®,” said Steve Warren, REVERSE 911®
vice-president of sales & marketing. “We are very excited to add this
strategic group of customers, and we will continue to focus our efforts
on the West Coast.”

Residents in each of these cities and counties will soon be able to
receive critical REVERSE 911® messages in the event of an emergency or
natural disaster.

“We were looking for a partner in community notification that could
bridge the gap between our community’s demands and our technology
capabilities. We needed to trust in someone that could act as an expert
adviser for our long-term technology planning while considering our
community’s extensive growth. REVERSE 911®’s references have certified
them as the experts in the field with positive customer experience and a
knowledgeable support team,” stated a new REVERSE 911® Customer in

Customizing each system to the needs of customers, the patented REVERSE
911® system will prepare each municipality to notify residents or
responders of emergency situations such as HazMat incidents, missing
child alerts, or other emergency scenarios.

“As more and more areas become REVERSE 911® Certified Sites, it reminds
those communities and agencies that are not equipped with our patented
technology of its importance,” said Kevin McCarthy, REVERSE 911®
President. “This is reinforced by the customer satisfaction scores that
we consistently receive.” The steadfast growth and patented technologies
singles out REVERSE 911® as being the expert in managing a broad range of
community notification services, from natural disaster evacuations to
missing person reports to mobilization of emergency responders.

About REVERSE 911®

REVERSE 911®, manufactured by Sigma Communications of Indianapolis,
Indiana, is currently used to make outbound emergency notifications in
hundreds of communities across the United States and Canada. The system
continues to improve lines of communication to the general population and
to targeted groups of citizens. REVERSE 911® provides communities with an
effective communication strategy for rapidly notifying people in times of
crisis such as natural disasters and chemical spills. REVERSE 911® is
also a useful tool for reporting missing children or for distributing
crime alerts.

REVERSE 911® combines mapping technologies with 9-1-1 calling data in an
easy-to-use interface which allows emergency personnel to activate
outbound messages in just a few minutes. Recipients of a REVERSE 911®
notification may also provide feedback resulting in an immediate report
of those who require additional assistance or more information. More
details about the REVERSE 911® system can be found on the web at (Link: or by calling

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