Missing teen calls mother, located by border patrol in Mexico

By Ian Bauer
August 09, 2005

Gishelle Alvarez, a Milpitas teen who has been missing for nearly two
months, called her mother from Mexico Saturday saying she was ready to
come home.

“She was at some airport in Mexico,” said Milpitas police Lt. Steve

Alvarez, 15, was last seen in Milpitas June 17. That day, the teen
reportedly went to Milpitas High School but did not return home.

Alvarez’s disappearance coincided with the reported vanishing of her
girlfriend. After being gone for weeks, Alvarez’s girlfriend reappeared
in Milpitas alone last month.

Police said Alvarez called home to tell her mother she was OK and that
she wanted to return to Milpitas.

According to Pangelinan, Alvarez’s mother told her to wait in Mexico
until an uncle from Southern California could go to Mexico and bring her
back. Those plans soon changed.

“Gishelle decided not to wait,” Pangelinan said.

Instead, Alvarez voluntarily re-entered the United States from Mexico
aboard a Greyhound bus bound for San Diego, he said.

During a routine inspection of the bus by U.S. Border Patrol agents, they
discovered Alvarez traveling alone, Pangelinan said.

Federal agents soon learned the teen was listed by Milpitas Police
Department as a missing juvenile.

“The Border Patrol contacted San Diego police,” Pangelinan said, adding
police later took Alvarez to a San Diego area children’s shelter.

Pangelinan said Alvarez’s mother is arranging to bring her daughter back
to Milpitas, probably with help from family members.

“As soon as she’s back, we’d like to ask her a few questions,” Pangelinan

Milpitas police believe Alvarez was not abducted but went willingly with
her 19-year-old boyfriend, San Jose resident Oscar Castillon.

Castillon, also known as Oscar Guerra, is outstanding and his whereabouts
are unknown.

Police reports state Castillon commonly drives a blue Ford Mustang. But
previous reports from the girlfriend who had traveled with Alvarez placed
the pair at a bus station in the Los Angeles area.

According to Pangelinan, because of the couple’s age difference and
Alvarez’s status as a minor, police want to question her boyfriend.

“We’d like to speak with Castillon about his involvement with her,” said.

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