Girl Fights Off Alleged Abductor

May 6, 2005

GLENDALE, Calif. — Police are investigating the alleged attempted
abduction Friday of a 7-year-old girl from a Glendale Laundromat.

The suspect, Gambino Rosales, allegedly tried to drag the girl into his
car, but she put up a fight and escaped, police said.

The child pulled an arm free and pinched Rosales, according to police.

Rosales is in custody, but the investigation is just beginning.

Police are looking for additional alleged victims.

Officials said the girl told police that she had seen Rosales around but
did not know his name.

The mother was washing her clothes, while her daughter played near the
front door, police said.

Rosales started playing with the girl’s hair and then tried to drag her
into his car in the parking lot, police said.

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