Attempted abduction at Bitney Springs High School – updated

By: Sheriff Keith Royal

May 20, 2005

On May 20, 2005, at approximately 12:30 pm, the Nevada Count Sheriff’s
Office received a report of an attempted abduction at the Bitney Springs
High School at 12338 McCourtney Road in Grass Valley. A suspect
reportedly attempted to pull a 15 year-old male student into his vehicle.

The suspect engaged the first victim in conversation, inquiring about an
injured dog. After attempting to pull the student into his vehicle the
student pulled free with the suspect leaving the parking lot.

Approximately 5 to 10 minutes later the suspect returned to the parking
lot at the school and made contact with a second male student and like
the first, grabbed the student by the wrist and attempted to pull him in
his vehicle. The second student was also able to pull free from the
suspect’s grasp and the suspect left the parking lot. As the suspect was
leaving the parking lot, the second student’s father arrived and after
learning what had happened to his son, followed the suspect to the
intersection of Polaris Drive and McCourtney Road.

After making contact with the driver, the driver left that area and drove
back to the school, being followed by the father of the second victim,
where the suspect, for his third time, made contact with a young male
student in the parking lot. This third encounter was less physical, but
nevertheless, the suspect attempted to get the third male victim in his
vehicle. This third victim, like the previous two, fled with the suspect
leaving the parking lot. He was last seen driving southbound on
McCourtney Road, toward the McCourtney Road landfill.

It has been reported that all three young men are uninjured. The suspect
description is a white male adult, in his early 40′s, blond hair, brown
eyes, last seen wearing a dark blue shirt and beige shorts. Of note, the
suspect is reported to have a heavy British accent. The suspect vehicle
is described as a mid 1980′s, blue Toyota pickup, with two white stripes
on either side. In the back window there is a 96.9 Eagle radio station
logo. There is a partial license of 5K……

At 2:55 pm on May 20, 2005, a citizen had been listening to a local radio
broadcast describing the suspect, and observed a person matching the
suspect’s description, sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot at the
Nevada County Fairgrounds, which is just down the road from the Bitney
Springs High School. The suspect became nervous at the citizen’s obvious
interest and drove out of the parking lot, towards the Bitney Springs
High School. Officers at the high school were notified of the suspect’s
approach and were able to detain him without incident. The suspect was
taken into custody and will be booked in the Wayne Brown Correctional

The suspect is Brian Tomnay, 48 years old, of Oregon House in Yuba
County. He was arrested on three charges of attempted kidnapping. The
suspect vehicle is a blue 1994 Toyota pickup with white stripes on each
side, an Eagle radio station logo in the back window, license 5K69846.

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