Pink Plates Proposed For Sex Offenders

Yellow Plates Already In Use For Drunken Drivers

April 27,  2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Some Ohioans convicted of drunken driving can be seen
driving vehicles with yellow license plates. If one Ohio lawmaker has his
way, sexual predators could soon have to drive vehicles with pink license
plates, NBC 4′s Erin Tate reported.

The bright yellow license plates help law enforcement officers recognize
drivers with multiple DUI convictions.

“We’ve sold over 16,000 in the past five years,” said Fred Stratmann, of
the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The pink plates could help notify police — and parents — of another
type of offender.

“It identifies them,” said Rep. Michael DeBose, (D) 12th District. “The
primary reason they can prey is because they’re camouflaged from who they
really are.”

DeBose introduced a bill this week in the Ohio House suggesting mandatory
pink license plates for sexual offenders so children know to stay away,
Tate reported.

“There’s such a problem — around rec centers, parks, school yards,” he
said. “There’s no way to identify them and to protect children.”

DeBose wants tough penalties for sexual predators who try to disguise
themselves by removing their plates.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety isn’t sure a sexual offense warrants
a special plate as much as a drunken driving conviction does, Tate

But DuBose said this crime deserves the color.

“It may act as a deterrent to keep them from driving around and causing
trouble,” he said.

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