Lauderdale man arrested on sex charges after runaway found at his home

April 18 2005, 4:33

FORT LAUDERDALE – A 32-year-old man was charged with lewd battery after
he was caught with a 14-year-old runaway boy, police said on Monday.

Bobby King Minnis, of Northeast 56 Street, was charged with 10 counts of
lewd or lascivious battery and one count of interference with custody,
said Sgt. Andy Pallen, police spokesman. Bon was set at $101,000. Federal
charges are pending in the case.

Pallen said police in Austin, Texas, contacted the Law Enforcement
Against Child Harm Task Force in South Florida on April 15 to determine
if a 14-year-old boy was in the city with an adult male.

Within a short time, police and the FBI discovered Minnis met the
troubled teen over the Internet and communicated with him for about a
year, Pallen said in a prepared statement.

On April 8, police said Minnis fled to Austin, met the boy and drove the
teen back to Fort Lauderdale. Minnis and the boy were picked up at his
home on Friday.

Pallen said the teen had sex with Minnis on at least 10 occasions since
leaving Austin. A medical examination was ordered.

The investigation continues. Anyone with information on the case or any
other knowledge should call Detective Felicia Barnwell at 954-828-5533 or
Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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