Kidnapper takes 16-year-old, crashes car

Reported by Chris Tye
April 26, 2005

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Police are on the lookout tonight for a man they
say caused a series of accidents that put five people to the hospital.

Police know his name, but aren’t releasing it. What they are releasing
are details of his busy day that began as school was about to start.

Police say two girls walking near E. 143rd and St. Clair were approached
by the man. He knew one of them. He stopped her, abducted her and took

Around 12:30 p.m., police say the girl was in his car when a carload of
her family members out looking for her passed by going the other

Police say she saw them and fire officials draining the nearby hydrant
and used that opportunity to jump from the moving car.

“She probably put the two together and probably felt it was safer to try
and flee at that point,” said Cleveland Police Sgt. George Vokovic. “I’m
not sure if she had an opportunity prior to that, but that’s what she
chose to do.”

They tell us he’s a 24-year-old black male, 5’8”, 160 lbs, black hair,
brown eyes wearing a red and white shirt and blue jeans.

After she jumped from the car, police say the suspect fled running a red
light at the nearby intersection of Cliffview and Euclid causing this
accident that sent four people to the hospital.

The kidnapping victim was also taken here to Huron Hospital.

If you have any additional information, you’re asked to call police.

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