Runaway Comes Home

Erin Leach
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Finally some answers as an area runaway comes home.

Last Friday, four Osage teenagers ran away.

They stole a family car, cash and blank checks.

Finally on Monday, they turned themselves in to police in Utah.

Now, one of the girls is home.

Mara Bierbrodt tells KIMT NewsChannel 3, “I just have a lot of problems
that I didn’t want to deal with and I figured if I don’t want to talk
about them or tell my parents about them than I can just leave and
they’ll kinda go away.”

Her plan backfired.

She says, “I had one little problem when it started because I have my
personal issues and I have to go to criminal court and I have to get all
the help.”

It’s help that was always there.

“We did the best that we could,” says Mara’s mother, Mary.

Now they have to do their best to get their daughter back on the right

Mary says, “The things she’s always been given, she’s gonna have to earn.”

And going back to square one isn’t gonna be easy but neither is being a

Mara says, “You have all these expectations and you have school, your
parents and a job…all this stuff you need to balance and it’s extremely

Difficult times…that’s something Mara’s parents know a little something

“The ultimate feeling was fear,” says Mary.

Fear that’s now turned to hope…hope for a young teenager who’s bad
decision taught her a huge lesson in life.

Mara says, “It’s better to face your problems and to deal with them and
to get help for them instead of running because all it does is cause more

The three other girls who ran away with Mara are still in a detention
center in Utah

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