Mounties get some help in getting their man

By GREG WELTER – Staff Writer

MAXWELL – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police didn’t catch up with alleged
child abductor William Tyrone Henderson before he left Surrey, British
Columbia with his two daughters on Sunday.

But on Monday the California Highway Patrol did.

Henderson, 36, was driving north on Interstate 5 south of Delevan Road
about 7:30 p.m. when officer Kevin Eppley, a 17-year veteran of the CHP,
noticed that one of two young female passengers in the man’s Toyota
Tercel wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

He stopped the car near the County Road 68 exit without incident and
found that Henderson was driving on an expired Alberta driver’s license.

A records check revealed the driver was wanted by the RCMP for parental
abduction of his biological children, identified by The Surrey Leader
newspaper as 6-year-old Kiara Henderson and 8-year-old Mykailah Henderson.

The suspect was arrested by Eppley and booked into the Colusa County Jail
on charges of driving with a suspended license and violation of seat belt
laws. The Colusa County Sheriff’s Office hoped to hold Henderson for
Canadian authorities, but when the RCMP hadn’t sent required paperwork by
noon Tuesday, Henderson was released from the county jail.

An RCMP official said Tuesday that extradition will be sought as soon as
charges in Canada can be finalized and that authorities in California
will be asked to locate and rearrest the suspect.

His whereabouts Tuesday were unknown.

Henderson’s daughters were turned over to Colusa County Child Protective
Services Monday and reunited with their mother, Andrea Davidson, in
Surrey Tuesday.

Davidson has legal custody of the children, but Henderson, despite a
lengthy criminal record in Canada including assault and drug trafficking,
has visitation rights.

He allegedly told Davidson he was taking the girls swimming on Sunday.

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