Missing Maryland Girl Found In Aberdeen

February 17, 2005

By Bryan Johnson

ROCKVILLE, MD. – A 43-year-old Aberdeen man, John William Diehl is in
jail, accused of unlawful imprisonment for allegedly transporting a
15-year-old girl from her home outside Washington, D.C. to his apartment
in a housing authority project called Aberdeen Manor.

Police say that Diehl told them he first contacted the girl on the
Internet about three months ago. He then drove to Washington, D.C. and
met her outside her school in Kensington, a Maryland suburb of
Washington, D.C. The two then drove back to Washington state.

Both say they had sex in several states along the way. Then, Aberdeen
Police got a call from the National Center for Missing and Exploited
Children Wednesday night and were told they could find the teen in Room
818 of Aberdeen Manor.

When officers arrived, they found the girl in bed naked. Detective
Captain Dave Johnson told KOMO 4 News that the girl said she loved Diehl,
and Diehl said he loved her. And both said they hope she was pregnant,
and they intended to get married.

Neighbors said they had no idea that the teen was on living on their
floor of the building. One neighbor, Lee Hermanson, explained: “Around
here, we keep pretty much to ourselves. Everyone around here values his

LuAnne Hanson, who described herself as the key holder for the floor,
said she had met Diehl several times and he seemed like a friendly
fellow, who never caused her any trouble and even showed up for Bingo

Another neighbor, Lynne Horner, said: “He seemed nice,” but added, “You
just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors; you just don’t know.”
Several neighbors upon learning what police were doing at the building,
expressed concern that the now 16-year-old may not have been the first
one to have been contacted by Diehl. And police told KOMO 4 News that
during a search of Diehl’s apartment, they found two pictures of the
alleged victim, and several pictures of other children that appear to
have been printed from the Internet. They say they are investigating to
see whether there are other victims.

Right now, Diehl is accused only of the crime false imprisonment, but
police expect to amend that to rape of a child. They add police in
Washington, D.C, and the FBI are also investigating.

The girl, who just turned 16 Thursday, was taken to a home in Olympia.
The state it plans to reunite her with her family soon.

Copyright: KOMO TV

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