Man Charged in Kidnapping, Rape of Six-Year-Old

A 21-year-old Effingham County man is behind bars tonight, charged with
kidnapping and raping a six-year-old. It happened over the weekend in
Springfield. Sheriff’s deputies say the boy was abducted from a mobile
home park on Quail Run Road, then taken to some woods off Old Tusculum

Josh Dunson is the man investigators say committed what they are calling
a sickening crime. Deputies say Saturday evening Dunson kidnapped the
little boy from the trailer park.

The six-year-old was staying with his mom’s best friend. Investigators
say she lost track of him and he wondered off. The boy was alone,
wondering down the street.

“It’s sad, that’s going to make a lot of parents in this trailer park
look even harder, hold their kids a little closer,” said Quail Run Road
resident Leatha.

Investigators say Dunson drove the little boy about a mile away, into
woods off Old Tusculum Road. They say Dunson raped him.

“It’s sad, you’re talking about a six-year-old child that’ll be
traumatized for the rest of his life,” said Capt. Mike Bohannon.

Investigators say once Dunson was finished, he just left him. A short
while after the little boy was raped, police say someone spotted him
walking along Old Tusculum Road. It was cold and raining, and the boy was
alone and half naked.

“She stopped to find out what was going on and called 911,” said Bohannon.

Deputies later found his clothes, thanks to Willie Simmons, who lives
nearby. “I came to check my traps and that’s when I came upon the
clothing down there,” Simmons said.

He found a little boy’s pants, underwear and shoes. “I seen some blood on
it and I said, ‘I better report this,’” Simmons said.

Investigators are glad he did, and glad they have the man they believe
committed this crime behind bars.

Police won’t say how they found out Dunson was their man.

This afternoon they arrested Kathleen Peacock, the woman looking after
the boy when he wandered off. They say she didn’t even now the boy was
missing. She thought he went to his uncle’s home.

Peacock is charged with cruelty to a child in the first degree.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter

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