Hurricane Katrina is sending Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to a street near you…

In just a blink of an eye Hurricane Katrina smashed the safety net
designed to track and control over 4,000 sex offenders living in the
devastated areas.

Citizens across the nation, and particularly Texans, who opened their
homes, schools, houses of worship and housing projects to many of the
250,000 evacuees may be shocked by the type of people who may have
entered their lives. Along with the good comes the bad, those with
criminal records and violent crimes against children are part of the deal.

Of the total number of refugees, over half are in Texas. Of the 4,000 sex
offenders on the loose, only 40 have been accounted for in Texas. In
Austin, Texas, several sex offenders from Louisianna were sheltered at
the Austin Convention Center; those recognized were kicked out by police.

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