Children’s Safety Act Introduced

By Josh Montez

A proposal introduced today on Capitol Hill hopes to protect children
from sex offenders by making it harder for the molesters to hide. The
Children’s Safety Act will beef up the penalties for sex offenders who
don’t notify states of their residence. Congressman Mark Kennedy of
Minnesota is one of the sponsors. Spokesperson Anne Mason says it creates
a national sex offender database.

“And this database would provide resources to community members by
establishing online access to the national sex offender registry, which
includes background information, home addresses and phone numbers,
photographs of criminals convicted of sexually violent offenses or
criminal offenses against a minor as well.”

And here’s something else we can blame on Hurricane Katrina; Congressman
Ted Poe says the storm caused many sex offenders to be lost.

“We know that there are about 15,000 registered child molesters that are
displaced because of Hurricane Katrina and their whereabouts really are

Carolyn Atwell-Davis, with the National Center for Missing and Exploited
Children, says provisions in the bill make it hard for molesters to hide.

“It will keep better tabs on sex offenders by requiring them to verify
their address more often, to provide more information, specific
information such as information about their car and social security
number, other information that can be used to track them down.”

And those that fail to register would be guilty of a federal offense, not
just a local misdemeanor. There are approximately 550,000 convicted sex
offenders in the U-S. 100,000 of them are “lost,” meaning we do not know
where they live, work or go to school.

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