Attempted Kidnapping of Teen Foiled

LA PALMA – A 13-year-old girl on her way to school was forced into a van
Monday by a man wearing a hockey-style plastic face mask, but he pushed
her back out after seeing a patrol car nearby, police said.
The girl was walking alone on Park Circle West just off La Palma Avenue
when the man stopped at the curb, got out the driver-side door and pulled
her into a beat-up, purple and gray van, said La Palma police Capt. Eric

She was only in the van for a matter of seconds before he pushed her out,
Nunez said.

“The victim indicated that she saw a patrol car and that he was looking
in the same direction,” Nunez said. “She believes that the suspect saw
the same police vehicle and pushed her back out of the van to make good
his escape.”

The girl, who was on her way to Walker Jr. High School, was not
physically harmed, Nunez said. After she ran back home and police were
called, the teen was able to give a good description of the suspect,
Nunez said.

The suspect was described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a thin build,
light to medium brown skin and dark hair styled in cornrows, Nunez said.

He was wearing a black short-sleeve shirt and dark pants with paint

Officers conduct patrols before and after school, on a routine basis, to
insure the safety of children, Nunez said. But he encouraged students to
walk to school in a group and be as observant as possible whenever they
are in a public place.

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