CBC NEWS – Toronto Police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a
seven-month-old baby Tuesday afternoon.

Suspect is described as:

- white
- late 20′s
- tan complexion
- medium build
- thin face
- short hair (colour unknown)
- clean-shaven
- wearing a blue mesh-back baseball cap, plain grey T-shirt, faded black

A woman and her child were waiting for a bus at Pharmacy Ave. at St
Clair, when a man approached her and tried to take the child by pulling
the stroller from her grasp.

Police say the man was heard saying, “Let go, let go, give me the
stroller, give me the stroller.”

Someone came to the mother’s aid, and the man ran off and was last seen
southbound towards Dawes Road.

The suspect is described as white, in his late 20′s, with a tan
complexion, short hair  and clean-shaven. He was wearing a blue mesh-back
baseball cap, plain grey T-shirt and faded black jeans.

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