Alleged Near Abduction Prevented

Suspect Quickly Apprehended

Nov 10, 2004

PHILADELPHIA –Two fast-thinking boys turned the tables on a man who
allegedly tried to abduct them. Now, police say what they did in those
frightening moments could help save other kidnapping victims.

CBS 3’s Walt Hunter reports both a 10 and 11-year-old boy learned an
important lesson Sunday after a near alleged abduction from the parking
lot of shopping center on the 8900 block of Crewstown Road in

According to police, Michael Kehl allegedly pulled up to the boys,
claimed he was a police officer, and reportedly ordered them into his
car. Fortunately though the boys ran and Kehl was quickly apprehended
just moments after the apparent incident.

“All of a sudden you saw the cop cars coming up and down, they pulled
into the one shopping center, turned around and about five minutes later
you saw the police helicopter up in the sky with its spotlight shinning
down,” said neighbor Mark Gudas.

Refusing Kehl’s alleged order, Hunter has learned the boys ran to get
their parents. Minutes later, he was in custody.

“They should be proud of themselves and their parents should be proud of
them,” said another neighbor.

By running from the suspect, neighbors like Stuart Snowhite hope the
incident will provide an important lesson: “Hopefully it taught other
children and other people how to really protect their kids and loved

In the meantime, Hunter reports Kehl is being held on attempted
kidnapping and other related charges.

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