Girl fights off alleged attacker

7-year-old leads police to suspect

By Theresa Gutierrez

April 27, 2004 — A seven-year-old girl fights off her would-be attacker
and then helps police track him down. Now, that man faces attempted
kidnapping charges. Police in northwest Indiana are applauding the quick
thinking of Emily Yzaguirre, whose excellent description led to the
suspect’s arrest.

Emily, who will be eight-years-old in August, was approached by a man
while riding her bike in Cedar Lake, Indiana, which is about 20 miles
south of Gary. Emily said she kicked the man in the shin.

“He said to get into the car and I kicked him and then I grabbed my arm
away and then I got my bike and went home,” said Emily, who learned how
to fight from her brothers. “They said whenever someone tries to hurt you
kick them as hard as you can,” said Emily.

Emily was able to give police a description of the man, his car and the
direction in which the car traveled. She rode with officers and
identified a man standing in a front yard as her abductor.

“They said, ‘Is that the guy?’ I’m like ‘Yeah,’” said Emily.

“She is very impressive. She did what we want every little girl to do
when they’re approached by a stranger, to make lots of noise, fight back,
(and) run as far as you can,” said Roger Patz, Cedar Lake Police Chief.

“She’s a smart cookie. She’s a quick thinker. She has common sense,”
Deborah Yzaguirre, Emily’s mother.

Officers arrested and charged 25-year-old Charles Aich of Cedar Lake with
attempted criminal confinement and battery. He denies grabbing Emily.

“Let everyone know this could happen to your child. You need to be aware
of what’s going on in your neighborhood,” said Dale Harrison, Emily’s

Emily wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

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