Valley Girl Escapes Abduction – 12-year-old Lydia Dunn spends most evenings like many other
kids, riding her bike at the end of the cul de sac at her apartment
complex, but Tuesday night was unlike any other.

“A guy jumped from behind the truck and grabbed me by my arms,” she says.

“Male subject grabbed her by both upper arms and pulled at her,”
Albertville Police Chief Benny Womack echoes.

“I was deathly scared, I was scared that I couldn’t stand it,” Lydia
recounts. “I was crying and shaking and stuff. I couldn’t stand it.”

While she couldn’t stand it, Lydia did manage to literally kick it,
escaping capture.

“I kicked him and I got on my bike and ran up here,” she says.

Lydia’s mom Rhonda taught her to fight back, instilling in her a
potentially lifesaving reaction.

“I’ve always told her if someone approaches her that she didn’t know and
tries to attempt to get her, to scream, kick, whatever it took just get
away,” Rhonda explains.

Not only did Lydia get away, amazingly she did so with enough information
to help police draw a composite sketch. They hope someone recognizes the
scar above his right eye or the one across the left side of his lips. His
green eyes, brown hair or the tattoo that runs from his left shoulder to
his elbow. They need to know why he was grabbing a child.

“We have no idea what his intentions would’ve been in attempting to
abduct a child,” Womack explains.

But they’d like to find out and find him, so Lydia can get back on her
bike again without worrying where she might end up.

If you have any information about the suspect, please contact the
Albertville Police at (256) 878-1212.

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