Update Runaway found near Mexican border

A search for a North Fond du Lac runaway that included placing the girl’s
picture on a national Web site of missing children has ended in Texas.

Molly Kaye, 16, of 205 Harrison St., was located in Hidalgo County,
Texas, on Friday, said North Fond du Lac Sgt. Brian Liethen.

She was living with a boy and his mother about 15 miles from the Mexican

Kaye was last seen May 8 when she left for school, prompting a search by
police that included interviews with family and friends and placing
Kaye’s photo on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Web site as an endangered runaway.

As a result of the posting, posters and information on Kaye were
distributed nationwide.

“We have interviewed a number of family and friends several times,”
Police Capt. Darren Pautsch said in a department press release. “We knew
that our persistence would eventually pay off.”

During the investigation, officers followed up on reported sightings of
Kaye in Minnesota and Kansas.

On Friday, North Fond du Lac officers received a tip that Kaye was living
near the Mexican border. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department deputies
checked the home and found the girl, Pautsch said. She was taken into
custody and held until her father arrived to pick her up.

Because Kaye left voluntarily and does not appear to have been the victim
of foul play, her return is the responsibility of her parents, Pautsch

When Kaye’s father returns to North Fond du Lac with her, services will
be available to the family through juvenile intake. Police will talk with
Kaye to find out why she left.

“Not every runaway case is posted on the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children Web site nor are posters circulated around the area,”
Liethen said.

“This was different because she was missing in excess of three months,”
he said, “and we had reports of her being all over the country.”

Periodically, the girl would call her mother to tell her she was OK, but
the girl would not reveal her location.

“It is my understanding she had no intent of coming home on her own,”
Liethen said.

When a body was discovered in July on the New Fane hiking trail, the
description fit Kaye and police feared the worst.

Two officers were sent to try to identify the body. The body was later
identified as 18-year-old Katie Gensmer of West Bend.

Kaye is not expected to face charges, although there may be some truancy
issues, Liethen said.

The woman where Kaye was living also may not have known Kaye was a
runaway, he said. Police do not know how long Kaye was at the residence.
The woman’s son is Kaye’s boyfriend.

Police deal with ‘frequent flyers’ (runaways) all the time, Liethen said.

“We’ll return them today and they run away tomorrow,” he said. “The
difference here is she traveled a couple thousand miles away. We hope she
will stay here.”

Story provided by Team AMBER Alert 2004 News.

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