Girl, 8, snatched from bed

Abductor leaves child in yard after barking dog apparently scares him off.

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Information sought:
Anyone who may have seen a man running through the neighborhood on Bond
Street on LaPorte’s southeast side Sunday night or with possible
information about what occurred is asked to contact LaPorte police at
(219) 362-9446.

LAPORTE – Police are searching for a man who slipped into a child’s
bedroom and carried the 8-year-old girl out of the home unnoticed in what
they say was a well-prepared snatching attempt.

Only some barking dogs next door spared the girl, who was told by the man
before he ran off that he would return for her, police said.

“We feel if this guy was not scared away at that time, who knows what
would have happened to the little girl,” said LaPorte Police Chief of
Detectives Lynn Cains.

Sunday about 11 p.m., police said the girl and her 10-year-old sister,
who share the same bedroom, were sleeping in their home on Bond Street on
the city’s southeast side.

Because it was hot that night, their bedroom window was open but the
screen was shut, Cains said.

The man sliced open the screen, though, and crawled through.

He then carried the girl out the same open window without awakening the
older sister who was in another bed on the opposite end of the room,
Cains said.

The parents of the children asleep on the other side of the house were
also not disturbed, Cains said.

“He picked her right up out of the bed,” said Cains.

According to police, the man removed the girl’s underwear and placed duct
tape over her mouth.

Fortunately, on the other side of the chain-link fence, a dog started
barking while the man was still in the girl’s fenced-in back yard.

“For some unknown reason he told her he would be back for her and he took
off running,” said Cains.

The girl began screaming and pounded on her back door until she woke up
her parents, who notified police immediately.

Dogs helped search the neighborhood but did not locate the intruder.

Cains said the girl was not sexually assaulted.

He also noted the man fled with her underwear.

Because it was dark outside, the girl could not provide a detailed

Police are not disclosing why, but they strongly believe the attempted
kidnapping was planned.

“We feel he had this all arranged and probably had been watching this
particular house,” said Cains.

“We did collect some valuable evidence and we’re hoping it’ll point us in
the right direction,” said Cains.

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