Boy learns on Net of his childhood abduction

Canadian Press
POSTED AT 9:48 AM EST Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004

EDMONTON ? The father of a boy taken from him 14 years ago by his
estranged wife says his son learned last year he’d been abducted by
seeing his own photograph on the Internet.

The Ponoka-area resident found out last year that his long-vanished son
was in California.

His son ? who turns 18 in June ? found his picture on the Internet while
at school and told his teacher.

U.S. Marshals arrested his mother last week and put the youth in the care
of California children’s services.

The father, who had sole custody of him, last saw his son in May 1989 in
Red Deer when he dropped the youngster off at his mother’s for a visit.

A warrant for her arrest was issued but police couldn’t find her.

She’s charged with child abduction and is awaiting extradition

Alberta laws prevent the release of any information that might identify a
child in the care of government authorities.

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