Girl, Missing For 5 Years, Back In Florida

Girl’s Father Faces Kidnapping Charge

POSTED: 3:06 p.m. EST November 5, 2003

MIAMI — An 11-year-old Delray Beach girl returned to Florida Wednesday
after what authorities said was a five-year parental kidnapping ordeal.
Angeline Bryan-Hoercher was allegedly kidnapped back in 1998 by her
father and taken to Kauai, Hawaii. Her mother, Elke Hoercher, flew to
Hawaii to pick up her daughter Thursday. State Child Protective Services
has given Hoercher full custody.

When they arrived at Miami International Airport, the girl hugged her
mother’s boyfriend, Larry Robinson, who gave her and her mom each a
bouquet of flowers.

“It’s great to be home,” said Hoercher. She had been searching for her
daughter since the girl disappeared following a pre-arranged custodial
visit with the girl’s father, Jon Michael Bryan. He has agreed to waive a
hearing on extradition to Florida, and could return within a week.

According to the FBI, Bryan picked up his daughter from her mother for a
scheduled visit on June 28, 1998. But Bryan never returned, after the
month-long visit ended. Bryan was arrested last week on Kauai on charges
including felony kidnapping.

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