$10,000 Reward Offered for Missing Child

A $10,000 Reward is being offered by the family of Acacia Patience
Bishop, a 19-month old Caucasian girl who was allegedly kidnapped from
her great-grandmother’s home in Salt Lake City, UT on May 25, 2003. The
abductor is 38-year old Kelley Jean Lodmell, Acacia’s mentally ill

Acacia weighs approximately 30 lbs. and is 30″ tall. She has blonde hair,
blue eyes, and a birth mark on the left side of her stomach. She was last
seen wearing a pink sundress with white sunflowers. Acacia can walk and
run and say one-syllable words.

An Amber Alert was issued on the morning of May 26, 2003. Acacia and
Kelly were spotted in Idaho Falls, ID and Kelley was arrested that
afternoon. She claims she drowned the baby in the Snake River at Idaho
Falls in a failed suicide/homicide. After intense search efforts
including the use of dogs and an airplane, Acacia’s body still hasn’t
been recovered. There is hope Acacia may have been passed off to one of
Kelley’s friends just before she jumped in the water. Kelley wanted
Acacia to be her own baby and Acacia’s parents believe Kelley would not
harm her, but rather has hopes to be released from prison, find baby
Acacia, and start a new life with her. Kelley will be arraigned on
6/25/2003 for kidnapping and murder charges, both first-degree felonies.

The family continues to search in Idaho Falls for Acacia. They want to
thank all those who have donated money, rooms, food, cell phones, rental
cars, copies, and other services so the family can continue their search.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Salt Lake Sheriff’s
Department at (801) 743-7000.

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