FBI says California man lured metro girl, 15, on the Internet

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Peter Scott – Staff Reporter
Tuesday, August 29, 2000

A 15-year-old girl was picked up at a Rex baseball park by a 46-year-old
California man she met on the Internet, who then took her to Los Angeles
and spent a week with her at a motel.

Michael Glover of Long Beach, Calif., is scheduled to make a court
appearance today to determine whether he should be held in custody or
freed on bail until a Sept. 11 preliminary hearing. He is charged with
two counts of transporting a minor across state lines with the intent to
engaged in criminal sexual activity.

The FBI told the Los Angeles Times that Michael Glover was arrested
Thursday after he was found with the girl in a Motel 6 in Los Angeles.

According to the Times, FBI Special Agent Timothy Stanislawski described
Glover’s alleged relationship with the girl in an affidavit that stated
Glover met the girl in April in an America Online chat room. On Aug. 17
or 18, Glover flew to Birmingham, rented a car and drove to a ballpark
near Rex. There, he met the girl, her sister and an unidentified male,
the affidavit said.

Glover allegedly told the girl’s sister ”that he was not taking the
victim away, but the victim was going of her own free will.”

The victim told FBI agents that she knew Glover was coming to meet her
with a one-way ticket to California. She said Glover seemed surprised at
how young she was.

”The victim told Glover that she was 15 years old when they met,” the
affidavit states. ”Glover’s response was, ‘Oh God.’ ”

The girl told FBI agents Glover then drove ”rapidly” from Atlanta to
Birmingham, avoiding Hartsfield International Airport ”because Glover
was concerned that the police would be looking for the victim at the
Atlanta airport,” the affidavit said.

Meanwhile, the girl’s sister told her parents what had happened, and they
called the local police. The case is one of several sex crimes recently
involving the Internet.

In May, a Marietta man was arrested and charged with false imprisonment,
child molestation and statutory rape after he brought a girl, 13, to his
home. On the Internet, she had told the man she was 16, police said.

Cherokee County recorded two rapes resulting from cyber encounters in
1998. In February, a Buford man pleaded guilty to statutory rape with a
13-year-old Cherokee County girl whom he met over the Internet, and a
24-year-old man was charged in August with raping a woman, 18, whom he
met in a chat room.

“Just make sure you know what your kids are doing on the computer,” GBI
spokesman John Bankhead said.

Staff writer Kirsten Searer contributed to this article.

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