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How Your Contribution is Divided and Used

Thank you for asking how we use contributions.

When asked how much of a contribution goes to find a missing child, or to the cost of fundraising, or to administration, or what standards of charitable accountability we meet or do not meet -- it is a bit difficult to sort out because the difference between OPERATION LOOKOUT and other non-profit groups is perhaps how we raise funds and the methods we are required to use to divide them. (To better explain how we are required to divide funds, see article; The Statement of Functional Expense: Measuring Non Profit Efficiency).

The 2010 Annual Expense PIE CHART, 2010 IRS 990 and 2010 Financial AUDIT can be found here.

When founded in 1984 as a grass roots effort to help searching parents, the anticipation was that churches and citizens would be swift to contribute. Reality set in, and a new method of doing business was required to find the masses with compassion for our charity work. Soon a lovely 75 year old lady, Dorothy Heath, began telling everyone who would listen about our mission in hopes to obtain support. She was successful but it became apparent this was physically difficult for her and not effective enough to meet the budget. A business advisor, Patrick Slusher, recommended hiring a professional firm to make hundreds of calls -- many more than Mrs. Heath could make all by herself -- thus the valiant work of Mrs. Heath was multiplied -- and the budget was met.

We have observed over the past 25 years, good people come to the rescue ‘when we ask’ for help. When we don't ask, NOTHING happens. When it comes to missing children: There is never enough time, never enough money, and never enough people to help. We are continuously amazed at how effective the services of our professional call-centers are at informing the public of where to turn for help, asking for your help in looking for missing children, selling products, or tickets to a benefit show, and in soliciting donations.

After 25 years of reuniting parents and children, OPERATION LOOKOUT continues to use the services of third parties to raise funds and we are pleased with the results. Since 1984, overall, 82% of the missing children cases are resolved and our services remain free-of-charge regardless of the cost or duration of the case -- a supporter’s ultimate goal.

Bypass the additional cost of a middleman -- Give directly by clicking the DONATE button using secure PayPal, mail your contribution to OPERATION LOOKOUT, 6320 Evergreen Way Ste 201 Everett, WA 98203, or call 1-800-LOOKOUT (566-5688). Direct Donation Partners have the distinct advantage of giving fully 100% of their contribution to child search efforts with no middleman costs involved.
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