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Volunteer & Internship Opportunities
For information regarding the positions available, please email
Mike Gibson, President and Chairman, Operation Lookout, or call (425) 771-7335.


Board Members:
Applicants: Community minded citizens with a yen for giving their TIME, TALENT and TREASURE are encouraged to apply. Vocations to round out the board may include: Marketing and/or public relations, banking and/or accounting, events and/or special projects coordination, fundraising and/or grant writing. Our board members will meet annually or more frequently depending on the committee, and will participate in generating contributions and networking within their sphere of influence and networks to the greater good of OPERATION LOOKOUT and the children it serves.

On-Site Caseworkers:
We are conveniently located on a major bus line in South Everett, WA. Caseworkers may be in law-enforcement or social services. Casework may include some night hours, but positions are primarily for day hours from 9-5, M-F. Retired persons, interns, and work-study students are encouraged to apply.

Our casework is national and international and will require training/update on present laws regarding custodial interferences, runaways and abductions. This training can be received in-house and simply requires reliable persons that are detail oriented.

Chaplain to Families in Crisis:
Faith based service helping recovered children, teens and their families regain emotional and spiritual balance, as well as assist in providing tangible resources.

Other Opportunities:
  • Grant Writer, Non-Profit Accountant, Volunteer Coordinator, Public Relations, Events Coordinator, Website Maintenance, Data Entry, Mass Mailing, Goods/Service Solicitation, Poster Distribution, Marketing/Advertising Director, and Media Affairs.

  • Goods & Services Coordinator: Obtain and coordinate citizens and professionals to contribute their time; procure donated goods and services as related to office, client and case manager needs.

  • Chairperson and Committee Coordinator for the Children’s Benefit Guild: This person will head the CBG taking full responsibility to brainstorm and develop funding projects, working directly with theFundraising Events Coordinator.
  • Outreach, Public Relations, Media and Events Assistant: Work with our professional staff to generate new public education opportunities and messages in the media and general public.

  • Fundraising Events Coordinator: This person(s) will develop community fundraising projects; develop committees and plans of action, research applicable laws, and oversee all aspects of fundraising events through to fulfillment.

  • Office Assistant: Data entry, mass mailing, general office duties.

  • Case Work Assistant: Work directly with Case Managers in an exciting role providing on-line research, poster design and remakes, data entry, missing child registration, outbound calling, etc.

  • Join one or more of our Partner Programs -- Missing children's picture distribution through various mediums of print or public display exposure.

Most office volunteer and internship opportunities will be performed at our Everett, WA, offices. However, some duties can be performed from your residence or place of business via phone or on-line. Operation Lookout encourages all citizens, including interns and professionals, to apply. Simply print out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and mail to Operation Lookout, 6320 Evergreen Way, Ste. 201, Everett, WA. 98203.
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