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A hundred years ago when Robert Louis Stevenson was a little boy, his mother found him staring out the window into the dark night. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm watching the lamplighter," he answered, "He's poking holes in the darkness. "One can only imagine how very great the darkness must be to a child who has been suddenly abducted from the only love and security they have ever known... their family. And, how equally great the darkness for the family whose child is gone in an instant -- out there, somewhere! They suffer the agony in every tear and the sound of silence while waiting for someone to search for and reunite them with their precious child.

For those who have a missing child and are facing this agony, we say -- DON'T MOVE GOD OUT OF THE SITUATION NOW at a time when He is needed most. These being desperate moments, you need Him now more than ever. You will find comfort in His grace and His wisdom.

Prayer in the Webster's Dictionary is described as the act of uttering words to God. Or aspiration felt, or as a petition in private devotions, worship, a request made, a fervent wish or request, expressed or unexpressed; spoken or unspoken. There are people worldwide who pray for missing children, their parents, and the abductors yet to be located, brought to justice and stopped. There are people who will work to change laws prohibiting the release of child sex offenders, predators, abusers, and destroyers of your home. There are people who are dedicated to finding missing, abducted and runaway children. And prayer is needed for everyone. If you would like to become a prayer partner or receive "E"Lerts for missing children so you can pray for the children and their families, register here.

God does all things well. Regardless whether a family is in the middle of their search, dealing with demise of their child, the love of God was not diminished, does not dispel or displace the awareness that He is holding the family and the child, alive or deceased in the palm of His hand continually -- today, tomorrow, and forever.

They are counting on you. They are counting on all of us to be Lamplighters by 'Poking Holes in the Darkness' with our prayers and help light their path back to home.

For advice on how to pray or for whom you should pray, please click here.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a missing child, and would like to make a prayer request, submit your prayer request here. If you are in need of programs/counseling resources or for legal assistance, visit the American Bar Association. For encouragement and words of wisdom visit Cherub's Corner.

If you have a personal or business Website, please also consider placing a LINK, BANNER, or PSA ON YOUR SITE FOR OPERATION LOOKOUT. It may not only lead to the recovery of a missing or abducted child, but it will provide vital information to the public in need of knowing WHERE TO TURN FOR HELP, as well as offering prevention and educational information to help keep other children safe.

Operation Lookout deeply appreciates your consideration to participate in this vital program. The life you help recover today, may touch yours tomorrow.

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