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Missing Child "E"Lerts by Email
What is a Missing Child "E"Lert?
A Missing Child "E"Lert is sent via email to inform you of current or newly registered missing children with OPERATION LOOKOUT®. This missing child communication was created specifically to keep caring citizens like you updated on who is missing and who is recovered.

When you enroll, we'll keep you informed with special communiqués and reports of some of the youth who are missing through our Missing Children "E"Lert emails.  To make these stories public information, we provide our families assurances of confidentiality, and, as a result, they provide us with a Worldwide Hold Harmless Agreement, thus they qualify as 'media ready' cases resulting from our strict screening protocol process.

Email addresses provided directly or by third party friends are added to our ever-increasing Missing Child "E"Lert email lists for the express purpose to broad-scope blast a missing child's image to the public. We value your privacy and you are in control and can discontinue receipt of emails at any time.

In an attempt to bring them home sooner, and to make sure the public is better informed about the children that are missing, we ask you to visit the Missing Children Directory. There are opportunities to download any poster you wish to pin up in your community, to be of greater help to us in our search and recovery efforts.

Have You Seen Me?

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