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We ask all of Corporate America to participate in the
OPERATION LOOKOUT® National Center for Missing Youth
"A Million Hearts for Missing Kids!" Campaign.

At OPERATION LOOKOUT® we are eager to work with you to develop a relationship that would be mutually beneficial in terms of sponsorship, advertising, and the promoting of your product and services to the tens of thousands of visitors to our web site, through our ongoing awareness programs.



OPERATION LOOKOUT® utilizes state-of-the-art technology to broadcast information and photos of missing children across the Internet, and to our huge database on a regular basis. The "E"Lerts keep the public apprised of missing children cases, supplies public awareness links and information, and link to our major missing children's directory and our web site. Sponsors of the "E"Lerts are accredited with their company logo on the "E"Lerts, and any slogan appropriate to their company image.

OPERATION LOOKOUT® would like to give you an opportunity to have exposure and recognition on our "E"Lerts. As a sponsor of the "E"Lerts, your company will receive exposure to a national market and missing children and their families will receive much needed services, provided to them always free-of-charge! I believe that your presence as the sponsor of this program sends a message of caring and support for missing children and their families.

Clearly this is a unique marketing opportunity for a company or organization.

At separate events and seminars OPERATION LOOKOUT® makes available child identification and safety products. This is a great opportunity to display your logo, or include identification kits as part of a promotion you may be marketing.

For your sponsorship of the "E"Lerts or special events, you will receive the following benefits:

$ 250 - $ 2,499 Appreciation Letter and logo placement on our contributors' web pages.
$ 2,500 - $ 9,999 Appreciation Letter and logo placement in our contributors' page and on one of our secondary web pages in a reserved Corporate Sponsor slot.
$ 10,000 - $ 24,999 Framed Certificate of Appreciation, logo placement in our contributors' page and on our home page in a reserved Corporate Sponsor slot. You will also receive a Statewide Press Release with photo and logo placement on printed materials, signage, advertising, and marketing materials.
$ 25,000 & up Annual President's Lamplighter Award, National Press Release with photo, logo placement in our contributors' page, home page in a reserved Corporate Sponsor slot, and our Missing Children's Directory. You will also receive logo placement on printed materials, signage, advertising, and marketing materials.

Operation Lookout is a non-profit, award-winning organization that provides services and referrals free of charge for families whose children disappear prior to age 18. Concerned citizens who wanted to make the public aware of the tragedy of missing children in the Northwest founded the center in 1984.

OPERATION LOOKOUT® has since become a multi-faceted child-search organization that handles national and international cases, which include Family and Non-Family Abduction, Unexplained Disappearance and Runaway cases. With the involvement of law enforcement, volunteers, staff, and contributors, the center has helped many thousands of children, and has an overall case resolve rate of 82%.

OPERATION LOOKOUT® is not a private investigation agency. We are a non-profit organization that networks with law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, government agencies, attorneys, and other non-profit organizations.

The missing youth 24 hour HELPLINE, 1-800-LOOKOUT or 1-800-782-SEEK can be called to report a missing child, for information, search assistance, advice, and sightings. OPERATION LOOKOUT® will remain involved throughout the duration of a case until the child is recovered and we will not close a case until authorized by law enforcement or the searching family. There is never a fee for service.

Part of our Multi-Faceted Program includes:
       • 24 hr. Missing Children Toll-Free HELPLINE
       • Coordination with Law Enforcement
       • Active Casework and Search Assistance
       • Legal and Social Services Referrals
       • Color Poster Design, Photo and Poster Distribution
       • Systems Walk-through, Victim Support, and more...


Becoming a corporate partner in the national and international initiatives of OPERATION LOOKOUT®, your company will make a strong corporate citizen statement of community involvement by taking a very visible position in the search for a missing child; one of the biggest social illnesses in our society today. "Corporate Citizenship" offers a vital and strategic ability to advertise its corporate image, fulfill a moral and social community obligation to "give back" to the community, and, in turn, that fundamental community concern never goes unnoticed by the American consumer, other corporations and, importantly, by its own company employees.

Share in the joy of Hope, Answers and Resolve by partnering with Operation Lookout today. We will make sure that the world knows you have.

For businesses and employees desiring to make donations,
please see our "MATCHING GIFTS PROGRAM."
Have You Seen Me?

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