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Affinity4 Charity Giveback Program
Dear Friend,

Wouldn't it be exciting if you were able to help find one lost child? What about 100? Well, since 1984 OPERATION LOOKOUT® has played a role in aiding and reuniting many thousands of runaway, missing or abducted children with their loved ones. What a wonderful mission we have!

With a decrease in donations and the rising costs of everyday living, I’d like to introduce you to exciting partnership that will save you money on some of your most commonly used products and services and give to missing children at the same time.

Affinity4’s Giveback Program contributes 10% of your bill to OPERATION LOOKOUT® along with delivering you quality service and savings at no extra cost. From digital phone service and wireless phones to Internet service and DIRECTV®, Affinity4’s services fit your busy lifestyle – and your budget – with rates that are comparable to, or better than other providers.

10% may not seem like much, but it adds up and it makes sense. Your 10% may be less than a dollar, but combined with others it can make a HUGE difference...Simply call 1-800-800-7550 and use code #20223 or visit Affinity4’s website to enroll. If you have any questions, the Affinity4 representative will be happy to answer them.

Melody C. Gibson
Executive Director/Cofounder
OPERATION LOOKOUT® — Where Good People Really Make The Difference!
Have You Seen Me?

Wireless phones, phone service, Internet service, credit cards, DIRECTV, and more – you may spend less and give so much more. Every time you buy an Affinity4 product or service, they give back 10% of the proceeds to OPERATION LOOKOUT®. Call 1-800-800-7550 & use code #20223 to Giveback and start saving today! To learn more about how this program works, visit Affinity4 or read here.

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