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A Million Hearts for Missing Kids Campaign
Public Education & Fundraising Projects through use of our Call Centers
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Reaching a million people to help find missing children seems like a awesome task, yet in one year alone, through the expert assistance of our door-to-door marketing representatives and call centers across America, we've reached more than a million new friends. Our new friends looked at pictures of missing children on our website, in our brochures and on our posters.

We cannot locate missing children alone. Your heart, eyes, and generosity combined with others, all come together to provide free services for families; as a result, more children are home.

A parent's testimonial of thanks:

"Thank you for what you do.... 20 years ago my daughter was missing and your detectives [case managers] found her - I remember the long nights of wondering and the police and other government agencies wouldn't give me the time of day! Your agency put a detective [case manager] on a 24-hour pager for me. Never forget what a lifeline you are for us parents out here. -- I tell people how wonderful you are and worthy of every donation! Keep up the good work -- my daughter is now a mother of 4 teens herself and doing very well -- thanks to you folks we still have her." Signed, Janine F., 2007

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How does OPERATION LOOKOUT raise support?

OPERATION LOOKOUT® National Center for Missing Youth contracts with various professional companies to promote our important message. Their role is to:

1. Inform the public where to turn for help.
2. Ask you for help in looking for missing children.
3. Ask you to buy a product, tickets to a benefit show, or to make a donation.

Unlike our call center professionals, our door-to-door marketing representatives sell products, (but do not take donations). A quick presentation usually takes no more than 2 minutes of your time, and your participation will do WONDERS for a little kid!

We know some people are distrustful of door to door reps or telemarketing calls for good reason. We want to assure you that each company we contract with is professionally trained to present our message, so please take a moment to give our representative a friendly, "Hello!"

If you'd rather not contribute through one of our representatives and make your gift go further, send your contribution by mail, over the phone, or through PayPal by clicking on donate button.

Your Support DOES Matter!

Some people think their donation will not be missed if not given. Did you know approximately 60% of all calls completed do not become monetary contributors for a variety of reasons?

Take a moment to look at the faces of the children represented in our missing children photo albums, then ask yourself, what if this missing child were related to you, what then? How would you feel if no one cared enough to be there long after law enforcement has moved on to a newer case with fresher leads, what would happen to you then? Where would you turn and how would you keep your search alive and in public view without Operation Lookout? These important questions can best be answered through the generosity of people like yourself who wish to help the search continue.
Have You Seen Me?

Wireless phones, phone service, Internet service, credit cards, DIRECTV, and more – you may spend less and give so much more. Every time you buy an Affinity4 product or service, they give back 10% of the proceeds to OPERATION LOOKOUT®. Call 1-800-800-7550 & use code #20223 to Giveback and start saving today! To learn more about how this program works, visit Affinity4 or read here.

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Together, we are touching another million HEARTS for missing kids
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