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Looking for Missing Children at Operation Lookout

OPERATION LOOKOUT® National Center for Missing Youth is an award winning, multifaceted, and fully computerized international child-search assistance center serving families with investigative casework for any geography of origin. We are a Founding and Charter Member of AMECO – Association for Missing & Exploited Children’s Organizations, a cooperative national and international association developed to enhance credibility and quality assurance for its member organizations.

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What We Do At Operation Lookout

Whilst we network with other accredited and reputable non-profit organizations throughout the United States, Canada and other countries, we are recognized as a mutual resource and referral center leader by Law Enforcement, AMECO, the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, youth and crisis referral services, media, and private practitioners.

At OPERATION LOOKOUT® our mission is straightforward. It is to provide services to families with missing or abducted children and to recognize one of the most IMPORTANT responsibilities in life – To protect the innocents. Our first priority and final objective is to secure a positive reunion of the children with their loved ones.

Whether the children are missing, abducted, or runaway kids society has callously abandoned, Jane Doe or John Doe, victim-searching families, or for the forensic investigators, there is a place to turn to for help. Our services are always provided FREE-OF-CHARGE regardless of the expense or duration of the case, and may include computerized search, national and international networking, investigative casework, search assistance, poster and picture design and distribution, victim support, court advocacy, law enforcement coordination, reunification planning, legal and social service referrals, hope, encouragement, and emotional support.

We insist it is imperative to remember that “Every Missing Child Deserves the Chance to be FOUND” and nothing is more important than to protect “our” children from all types of predators. No child deserves to live with one. No child expects to be lured by one, yet daily, young lives are changed forever because of exploitation and abduction: Familial or not, the abusers and the very worst abuses that destroy a child’s soul, need to be put where they belong – off the streets, out of our homes and neighborhoods, and behind bars.

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We urge the nation to join us in adopting the battle cry, “NOT WITH MY CHILD” – You don’t, and to take an active stand towards this heartbreaking tragedy by supporting us in our goal of providing assistance in locating at least 1,500 more missing children this year by “touching another million HEARTS for missing kids because every missing child deserves the chance to be FOUND.” We ask, is there a more noble cause than this?

OPERATION LOOKOUT® is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which does not receive government support of any kind. We rely solely on funding from the generosity of individual and corporate donations, fund-raising events, promotions, and in-kind support of services and products. All donations made to OPERATION LOOKOUT® are fully tax-deductible, as applicable by law.

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What the Statistics Tell Us

According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, an average of 2,185 children are reported missing to law-enforcement agencies daily. While many of these stories have happy endings, others do not. Each child is precious and each one lost is a tragedy beyond description for their loved ones.

The disappearance of a child can have a devastating impact on the child and also the parent. A quick recovery is critical to reducing the trauma to both child and parent. Law enforcement, court involvement and OPERATION LOOKOUT® can make the difference in how effectively the search is conducted and can influence how quickly the child is recovered.

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